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Electrical Planning Report

Radiance Energy is an EPC firm with more than 10 years experience in the energy sector, improving the efficiency of 450+ facilities across North America. We offer a range of energy saving and sustainability products and services that can help stratas reach their energy-saving goals, including ultra high-efficiency LED upgrades, affordable EV charger installs with rebate application assistance, and safe solar + battery microgram components that meet the 2024 Canadian Electrical Code.

We are pleased to provide you an estimate for the mandatory Electrical Planning Report that all strata corporations with five (5) lots or more are required to obtain, due to the changes of the B.C. Strata Property Regulations announced on December 6th, 2023.

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What is an electrical planning report?

An electrical planning report helps strata corporations understand their current electrical capacity and their ability to meet new demands for electricity, including charging electrical vehicles and other needs, such as installing heat pumps (BC Gov).

Is an EV Ready Plan same as en electrical planning report?

While these reports may contain similar information, such as the current capacity of the electrical system, the current high level of demand and spare capacity, these reports have different purposes and overall information. 

  • An electrical planning report provides a rundown of your electrical system to help you plan the future. The strata is required by law to obtain the report.

  • An EV Ready Plan fixates on electrical vehicle charging only, and includes a financial estimate to proceed with an elucidated project. The EV Ready Plan is not required by law. It exists for the purpose of applying a discounted rate from the Clean BC. An EV Ready Plan doesn't contain all of the information that Strata Property Act and Regulation require for an electrical planning report.

Who is required to obtain electrical planning report?

Strata corporations with five (5) or more strata lots.

BC Gov requirement.

Why Radiance Energy? 

With 10+ years of specialized electrical services and experience, working with over 10 property management groups on various projects, and dedicated research o fulfill the OIC needs, Radiance Energy is equipped to meet all the OIC 671-23 requirements.

Stang-up Meeting

Expertise with a smile

Our engineers experience working with strata's enable an easy process and professional, comprehensive service.

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No-stress compliance

We speak OIC fluently and can help you navigate the requirements stress-free. Our team is prepared to educate and support you at every safe of the process.

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Flexible financing 

In addition to being able to use your contingency reserve funds, we can help provide a custom payment plan that meets your budgeting needs.

We look forward to being your partner in electrical planning compliance !

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