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Back to School! An Important Lesson About the Health Benefits of LEDs in Learning Environments

Sep 15, 2020

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September 15, 2020 at 4:34:46 p.m.

Back to School! An Important Lesson About the Health Benefits of LEDs in Learning Environments

Besides cost savings and the advantages to the environment, did you know that LEDs can be beneficial to school children in terms of their capacity to learn?

As kids head back to school, some may start to experience negative symptoms associated with fluorescent lighting - particularly those with conditions like ADHD and some learning disabilities. This could be due to the fact that fluorescent tube lighting emits light on a narrow spectrum that can be harsh on the eyes.

LEDs are anything but harsh. The technology has come a long way in creating ideal conditions for living, learning and co-creating - especially for kids at school.

The Lighting Spectrum Makes the Difference!

It seems everyone loves the sun and the embrace of its light. That’s probably because sunlight covers the entire light spectrum containing all the wavelengths required to support life on this planet.

Known as full-spectrum light, sunlight spans infrared to near-ultraviolet frequencies, hence its name. This is seen in many parts of Canada in the bright lights of spring leading to the warm harvest lights of the fall. Plants, animals and humans alike thrive on full-spectrum light, and its lack thereof can lead to seasonal affective disorder.

Kids Need Optimal Light to Learn

Artificial fluorescent lighting not only looks bad, but it can literally make a person feel ill. Most adults are aware of this phenomenon from their experience over many years of working indoors.

Consider your reflection in a poorly lit public restroom. The unattractive blue tinge reflecting off your skin is telling you that a minimal spectrum of light is being emitted from those bulbs.

Children can be especially vulnerable to the exposure of light at this spectrum. A report from the European Commission on the health effects of artificial light documents how “cool” or “blue” artificially-enriched light negatively affects cognitive function, memory, and mood.

Accordingly, many children have been found to be sensitive to fluorescent lights, particularly those with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and learning disabilities.

The symptoms experienced by these children can also be seen in the general population as they include nausea, issues with concentration, and difficulty reading text at small sizes.

Back to School! An Important Lesson About the Health Benefits of LEDs in Learning Environments

Radiance Energy’s Green Leaf Program Gives Back

All clients at Radiance Energy give back to the community with every new project upgrade through our Green Leaf Program. With every new install we supply learning assistance classrooms with free commercial-grade LED lights that do not flicker and produce a colour spectrum that closely matches natural sunlight.

Radiance Energy’s Green Leaf Program provides these special kids with superior light quality so they learn more effectively. Immediate improvements have been experienced - especially from kids experiencing headaches and focus-related issues from flickering fluorescent lights.

The Benefits of LEDs Go Beyond the Classroom

Besides benefitting children, everyone can experience the positive advantages of LEDs when compared to traditional fluorescent lighting that can include:

• improved sleep
• decreased headaches
• improved cognition
• better learning performance
• superior productivity
• less stress and anxiety

And of course, it goes without saying that LEDs benefit the environment through increased cost savings and a lighter carbon footprint.

Upgrade Your Learning Space Today

With terms ranging from 3-7 years, Radiance Energy can show you how to finance your investment in LED lighting so it pays itself off much faster than most people realize!

With over two decades of management experience, the professionals at Radiance Energy help clients from all industries find solutions that brighten their space while saving a lot of money in the long run.

Schedule an audit today to learn how our advanced LED technology can improve your learning environment while synergistically benefitting the planet!


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