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Earn Income with EV Chargers While Promoting Sustainability (With No Upfront Costs!)

April 14, 2022

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April 14, 2022 at 4:45:45 p.m.

Earn Income with EV Chargers While Promoting Sustainability (With No Upfront Costs!)

Are you looking for a way to support a more sustainable future while investing in green technology?

If so, then Radiance Energy has an opportunity for you!

Introducing Radiance Energy’s EV Charger Program

Governments across the world are paving the way for Electric Vehicle (EV) transportation options that promise to reduce emissions and decrease dependence on foreign oil imports. The Government of Canada has proposed a 100% emission-free mandate by 2035 - and EV chargers are a valuable part of the equation.

Our EV Charger Program gives you an opportunity to be part of the movement. Stylish and robust, our chargers are available in three different models and are SAE J1772 compliant. In addition, they are fast, easy to use, and offer full network compatibility.

EV Chargers Promote a Sustainable Future

EVs are being rolled out worldwide to support a low-carbon transportation system. As part of a larger sustainable transportation strategy, EVs have substantial emissions reduction potential - especially in areas such as British Columbia where 98% of electricity generation is clean power.

Electrification of the transportation sector is critical to achieving emission reduction targets set by federal, provincial, and local governments. As a result, governments across the country are including EV policies and actions in their transportation plans, Official Community Plans (OCPs), and Community Energy and Emission Plans (CEEPs).

Earn Income with EV Chargers While Promoting Sustainability (With No Upfront Costs!)

EV Chargers Are a Reliable Investment at Serves Multiple EV Markets

The broader EV market includes several vehicle types, including commercial transport vehicles, passenger automobiles, and public transportation vehicles. In addition, EVs are being rolled out for use in factory and warehouse settings across multiple industries.

As a result, EV chargers can serve multiple EV vehicle types that include:

Electric Vehicles
EVs use an electric motor to propel the vehicle. EVs are broadly categorized to include plug-in, hybrid, and fuel cell automobiles. Sub-categories of EVs include:

Battery Electric Vehicles
A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) relies entirely on the vehicle battery to operate the automobile. Battery packs store electricity onboard, and are powered electrically from an external source such as an outlet or charging station.

Extended Range Electric Vehicles
Extended Range EVs (EREVs) are a type of plug-in hybrid EV that uses a gas engine to charge the battery rather than propelling the automobile. EREVs typically drive in electric mode and use the gas generator to charge the battery once depleted.

EV Charger Markets are Growing

Demand is increasing for EV chargers and charging stations across the country. As a result, the Government of Canada has pledged nearly $880 million until 2025 to build roughly 65,000 new charging stations for electric or fuel cell-powered passenger vehicles.

Industry analysts believe this number falls short of actual demand, with some major auto manufacturing groups stating that millions of stations are required. Currently, there are approximately 15,000 public or semi-private chargers available, with 2,000 in the construction phase. In addition, Natural Resources Canada has pledged roughly $180 million to build approximately 17,000 more charging stations in the next three years.

Invest in EV Charging Units With Radiance Energy

An investment in EV charging infrastructure aligns with broader transportation trends while promoting low-emissions transit options that benefit the environment.

Radiance Energy makes it possible for you to invest in a greener future with no upfront costs. Your investment is paid for with monthly revenues while Radiance Energy takes care of the system. A third-party company handles billing while our experts service your unit, offering you a hassle-free investment that pays for itself over time.

Interested in learning more? This program is available to our partners and subscribers for a limited time. Contact us today for a complimentary no-obligation consultation, and be part of the growing EV movement!


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