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Outdoor LED Lighting Sets the Mood and Increases Security

April 13, 2021

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April 13, 2021 at 9:17:58 p.m.

Outdoor LED Lighting Sets the Mood and Increases Security

Summer is coming up fast, and now is the perfect time to customize your outdoor residential or commercial space with LED lights!

With so many LED options available, it’s easy to create the perfect lighting combination for your space that combines style, safety and security. Innovative LED technology is fully customizable and can be tailored to suit any space with a wide array of features and fixtures.

Outdoor lighting design starts with you

Before engaging the services of a lighting specialist, it helps to start the process on your own by asking yourself the following questions:

• What is the primary purpose of the space?
• Are there many pathways that require light during night hours?

• Are there any entrance areas that are entirely dark and in need of security?

• Does the space have any unique architectural details that disappear when the sun goes down?

• Are there any employees that require reliable bright light to do their job?

Answering these questions will help determine your lighting requirements. This is valuable when the time comes to discuss your options with a specialist who will then take your ideas and transform them into a lighting arrangement that combines both form and function.

Types of Outdoor LED Lighting

Creating the right lighting arrangement combines different lighting sizes, fixture shapes and locations. The general categories to consider before beginning the process include:

Ambient Lighting
Ambient or general lighting illuminates entire areas. Commercial and residential outdoor areas use large lights placed on walls to provide a uniform lighting level over an entire space such as a patio, pathway or atrium.
Ambient lighting can also form part of a security system that ensures that every area is kept safe at all hours of the night.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting uses fixtures such as sconces, pendants and ground lights to highlight special areas of the space such as gardens, fountains and architectural elements. Besides adding unique design elements to a space, accent lighting ensures safety for recessed areas, pathways, stairways and walkways by eliminating shadows that may cause trips and falls.

Task Lighting
Task lighting provides light to workers at reception desks, bars and other work areas. Standard task lighting options include under-the-counter lights, pendant lamps, track lighting, desk lamps and floor lamps. Along with ensuring that employees have adequate light to perform their work with accuracy, task lighting is essential to many workers operating equipment at outdoor venues such as restaurants and bars.

Outdoor LED Lighting Sets the Mood and Increases Security

Get Ready for Summer with Radiance Energy!

Radiance Energy can help you create the perfect lighting arrangement for your outdoor commercial or residential space. Along with conducting a no-obligation audit, our experts can provide you with a consultation that reveals all the transformative possibilities for your outdoor space.

Upgrading to LEDs can increase your property value and attract new tenants while saving you up to 90% in lighting costs. Our financing plans feature terms that help pay for the project quickly with no upfront costs.
With summer approaching fast, there has never been a better time to upgrade to LEDs for your outdoor space. Click here to book your complimentary audit today!


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